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Getting your Home Loan

Your Cherry Creek Properties real estate broker's most important job is to set you up for success in buying your home! Your success starts with ensuring your lending is handled efficiently and professionally. A good mortgage professional (lender) is an essential part of the team. The lender works with your real estate broker to ensure your purchase is as stress-free as possible. Your real estate broker will recommend a top mortgage professional for you to work with. Your broker will recommend someone who they know will keep their promises to you and get the job done in the timeframe necessary helping you choose the mortgage program that best suits your individual needs.

Getting Pre-Approved by a Lender is Critical

Mortgage lenders take the guess work out of obtaining a loan by helping you determine the amount you can comfortably afford to borrow. Then, they give you a printed document stating the maximum mortgage amount you qualify for based on your particular finances and income. Mortgage pre-approval is critical because the letter provided by the lender is given to the seller of the property when you make an offer. It strengthens your buying position by letting the seller know that you have already been pre-approved for the loan. Most sellers will not accept an offer unless it's accompanied by a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender.

At Cherry Creek Properties we are proud to partner with our in-house mortgage partner, Best Choice Home Loans.

Getting Pre-Approved or to get your Questions answered is easy.  You may:

1. Contact our 24/7 Mortgage Hotline at 720-477-1500 Your call with be connected to one of our experienced Team Members:Best Choice Home Loans

Debbie Hood – President 425-218-5187
Bob Sheehan – Loan Officer 720-205-4289
Cameron Cook – Loan Officer 720-299-9029 
Dana Hall – Loan Officer 303-374-4764 
Lisa Sheehan - Loan Officer 303-999-8876
Mark Solis - Loan Officer 303-521-1453
2. Visit our website at

3. Simply complete the form below and we will contact you directly. We are committed to providing complete communication and execution throughout the lending process. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

Consider these Scenarios:

You're out looking at homes. Your Real Estate Broker never mentions that you should get pre-approved and just ballparks what you can afford. Of course, the more house he shows you, the better he usually comes out. You find the perfect house and work out a deal with the seller. Three weeks later, the lender informs you that the house is $10,000 over what you qualify for and does not approve your loan. The seller has already bought another house. You've given notice where you're renting and told all your friends about the great house you bought. And then, there's the money you've already spent on inspections on a house you can't own.

You and your REALTOR® have been working diligently finding that "perfect" home. A new listing comes on the market that's priced right and has got everything you've been looking for. You write an offer. Your REALTOR® takes it to the listing REALTOR® and is informed that another offer is coming in and will have to present both offers simultaneously to the Seller. The other Buyer is pre-approved for his loan. Whose offer do you think the seller will negotiate first?

For help finding financing Contact Us, we will put you in touch with a trusted Mortgage Professional.